Sleep Master Java for Win/Ubuntu/Mac

*****  A  cross-platform Java program.  Requires Java 8 runtime be installed. ​Open Java 8 will work for Linux.
*****  Configures the FlashAir card.
*****  Copies all the sleep data files without selecting.
*****  Automatically finds the FlashAir on your network in Station or AP mode.
*****  Copies the sleep data to your hard  drive.
*****  Will start your sleep data viewer after copying if desired.

*****  Silently restores the Configuration file to the FlashAir if erased by the xpap machine. No user input

*****  Starts up with the last user profile loaded.

*****  Orange color highlights to guide user through setting up new users.

*****  On screen help files.

*****  Sleep Master can make a Rescan and Encore compatible copy to a regular SD card.

*****  Displays basic info about xpap machines, and error data for the PRS1.

*****  Deletes the System Volume file placed on the FlashAir by Windows 8.1.

*****  Automatically connects to and disconnects from FlashAir in AP mode.

*****  Users can schedule automatic sleep data downloads to be performed daily at set times.

*****  Can be set to automatically connect to your selected wireless network after running.

*****  Sleep Master retrieves and displays the IP and MAC address of the FlashAir(s).

*****  For PRS1 users - Sleep Master can monitor a user's FlashAir for file changes and sound an alarm.

​*****  For PRS1 users - Can be set to alarm on mask off power down.

*****  Power failure and FlashAir communication alarm.​

​*****  Integrated Sleep Data Viewer

​*****  Works with the Toshiba FlashAir or regular SD card as a source of data.

For wireless data transfer you will need a Class 10 Toshiba FlashAir SD card. 

                                                                                             Must have "W-02" or "W-03" in the upper right hand

The Toshiba FlashAir wireless was tested and found to have a range of 40+ feet thru 2 walls! Your range may be different.

​Sleep Master is now being released as a rolling BETA. The most recent stable build is available below:

New in version BETA
*****  Multiple minor bug fixes.
​*****  Added third-party credits and licenses information.​
​*****  Added some statistics for PR machines.
​*****  Added routine to backup users data.
​*****  Added viewer support for DreamStation 500 with newer firmware  (v1.1.1.2860).
​*****  Sleep Master support for Windows XP no longer maintained.
​*****  Added viewer support for AirSense 10 with newer firmware (V39).
​*****  Added routine to check XPAP machine serial number.
​*****  Added viewer support for S9 Autoset.
​*****  Added Minute Vent Graph for Resmed machines.
​*****  Added Tidal Volume Graph for Resmed machines.
​*****  Added Snore Graph for all

                                                                       ​Release Date: 08/09/2017

Sleep Master