In order to add compatibility for an XPAP machine to Sleep Master, I need an accurate copy of sleep data from the user. ​

​   To submit your data for programmer's use, please take the following steps. All submitted data will be kept strictly confidential.

​Step 1:  Remove the card from your XPAP machine and set the write protection to "on". Insert the card into                       your computer. DO NOT alter the contents of the card.

​Step 2:  Using a file compression utility ( WinZip or 7-Zip ) create a compressed ".zip" file from the contents  

               of the card. Name the file whatever you wish. The compressed filed must be less than 10 MB.

​               If your compressed file is greater than 10 MB and less than 25 MB, you may send it to my email address                at If the file is larger than 25 MB, you can use a large file transfer service                  such as

Step 3:  Go to the  Sleep Master "Contact" page, fill out the form and upload the compressed file. Click on the

​               "Submit" button.

Please accept my thanks for submitting your data.   

Sleep Master Data Submission

Sleep Master