Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep Master

Why use Sleep Master wireless XPAP data transfer?

                              *Saves wear and tear on your XPAP machine SD card slot.

                              *Prevents corruption of your data by some computer operating systems.  

                              *Reduces the chance of damaging your SD card through handling.

                              *Transfers and stores your data in it's original format.

                              *Prevents forgetting to put your SD card back into your machine.

                              *It's very convenient if you check your sleep data frequently. 

                              *Anything that makes using XPAP easier is a good thing!  

Will the W-04 model FlashAir work with Sleep Master?

                                  Yes, it has been tested with Sleep Master.    

I have a Home Portal 3801HGV router and can not get Sleep Master to work.

                                  The FlashAir card and Sleep Master are not compatible with  Broadband IP Addresses, which this

                                   router uses by default.                    

When running Sleep Master setup, my S9 wants to reformat the FlashAir card when I move it back to the S9.

                               This is normal. Sleep Master will reinstall the FlashAir configuration file during your first data copy.

                               Do not unplug your S9 or remove the FlashAir from your S9 until you have completed your first data copy.

My XPAP machine "freaked" when I put the FlashAir SD card in it after running Sleep Master setup!

                              As of version and up Sleep Master will remove the "System Volume Information" files that

                              Windows 8.1 writes to it. These files caused some XPAP machines to reject or reformat the SD card.

Will Sleep Master work for Resmed Airsense 10?

                             Yes, as of Version and up!

How do I report a bug or problem with Sleep Master?

                             Contact me by submitting the contact form.

What if my XPAP machine is not listed as supported?

                              You can try the new "Generic" XPAP type available in v2.0.1.23 and up. If it does not work for your machine,

                              then contact me using the contact page if you are willing to send me a zipped copy of your SD card and I will

                             see if I can add compatibility for your machine.