Download Sleep Master Java Wireless XPAP sleep data transfer for the PRS1, DreamStation, S9, Airsense10, AirCurve10 and a Generic option.

Now includes Sleep Master Data Viewer - a full function integrated sleep

data viewer!

The Sleep Master Data Viewer currently works for the following machines and modes:

            PRS1 560P Auto CPAP
            PRS1 760P Fixed Bi-Level

            PRS1 760P Auto Bi-Level

            PRS1 960T ASV (limited - in progress)

            PR DreamStation 1060P BIPAP ST (limited - in progress)
            PR DreamStation 700x110 Auto Bi-Level (Variable PS)
            PR DreamStation 500x110 APAP (Variable)

            PR DreamStation 900x110 ASV (limited - in progress)

            Resmed S9 (VPAP auto)

            Resmed S9 (APAP)

            Resmed S9 SPO2 Attachment
            Resmed AirSense 10 (APAP) 
            Resmed AirCurve 10 (VPAP auto) 

            Resmed AirCurve 10 (ASV) (firmware V19)

            Weinmann Prisma 20a (limited - in progress  - FlashAir data transfer                   only)

If you want your machine added to the program, click here! 

       Cross-Platform application for Windows 7 thru 10, Ubuntu, Arch

                                   Linux, Mint Linux and MAC OS X       


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